National Security - Homeland Security - International security

What kind of national security, homeland security, and international security problems can we help solve?  

Here are just a few samples...


National Security Practice

Security Clearance Denial appeals

Title 10 Military Court Martial Defense

military promotion or federal civilian merit board appeals

Several of CyberLaw’s attorneys currently hold United States Top Secret Security clearances. Based on their prior roles as senior officials of the federal government and U.S. Military, they are very familiar with the security clearances disputes process as well as the mechanisms for challenging unfair practices in the military and civilian administrative system.

Homeland Security Practice

TSA Global entry appeals

TSA Pre-Check appeals

CyberLaw’s attorneys have served at the highest echelons of the Department of Homeland Security and are well postured to assist in challenges to arbitrary bureaucratic decisions.

International Security Practice

CFIUS Support

multi-lateral negotiation

As experienced practitioners in the world of international affairs, CyberLaw’s attorneys can help entities from around the globe in navigating complex dealings with the United States Government and other U.S. entities.