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Personal Privacy &   Data Protection

CyberLaw is a law firm focused on information privacy and cybersecurity for individuals and corporate clients. 

We focus on practical and end-to-end guidance, from assessing network/data security and regulatory compliance to preventing and responding to cyber-attacks and data breaches.  In addition, we can handle claims of injuries or damages arising from unauthorized collection, use, or loss of personal or confidential information and violations of reasonable expectations of privacy. Headquartered in Annapolis, with satellite locations in Washington, DC and Baltimore, The CyberLaw Group's mission is to represent clients ranging from private individuals to small businesses to large corporate enterprises.

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Here are some of the types of cases CyberLaw may be able to help you with:

  • "Hacking", Data Breach, Malware, Ransomware

  • Cyber harassment

  • Cyber bullying

  • Cyber stalking

  • Cyber fraud

  • On-line Identity Theft, Doxing, Defamation or Slander

  • Computer Fraud and Abuse (CFAA - 18 U.S.C. § 1030)

  • Misuse of Electronic Communications (MD § 3-805)

  • Unauthorized Access to Stored Communications  (18 U.S. Code § 2707)           



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Our Practice Areas

Personal Privacy

In today's information age the ubiquitous collection, use, and disclosure of personal information has created unprecedented challenges to protecting individual privacy.  Our firm helps to manage these risks and to craft appropriate safeguards and responses to harms such as identity theft, intrusion upon privacy, defamation, and unreasonable searches.                                                         

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Almost all aspects of daily living and commerce now rely on computers and networking.  When these systems fail due to malicious acts or negligence, there can be significant damages and legal consequences.  Our firm can help plan, prevent, and respond to cyber risks and manage liability stemming from litigation or regulatory investigation.  Or on the other side - seek redress for individuals impacted.

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National Security

homeland security

international security

Our attorneys have extensive experience in national security, homeland security, and international security affairs that can be leveraged to help you solve a range of problems from security clearance disputes to Courts Martial Defense to multi-lateral negotiations.  

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Our Services 

While CyberLaw is focused within the fields of Personal Privacy and Data Protection, the firm provides a full suite of functions you would expect from a legal office, as described below.

Negotiation, Arbitration, & Mediation

The CyberLaw Group can be a third-party neutral to mediate conflicts.  Alternatively, we can represent your interests in attempts to resolve disputes outside the courtroom.

Expert Testimony & Case Support

Multidisciplinary experts from The CyberLaw Group can be used to testify regarding best practices and provide expert reports.  Other law firms can leverage us for support in e-discovery, forensics, and anti-spoliation.


Whether you are Plaintiff or Defendant, The CyberLaw Group can represent your interests with a thorough understanding of the underlying matter based on their objective experience in the field.   

IP & Business Strategy

The CyberLaw Group can provide trusted advisers to help navigate the challenges and opportunities of doing business in the information age.


Crisis Management

When something goes wrong The CyberLaw Group can respond rapidly to be there to help mitigate financial and/or reputation damages.  

Regulatory Compliance Review/Audit 

The CyberLaw Group can advise on applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations and relevant industry standards.                                                                                   





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